“The two weeks spent with my pupils were full of pleasure, for the children and for myself. The children were delighted to participate in all the outdoor activities: kayaking, surfboarding, cycling, walking, and even wading through mud! Each day was packed with excitement, and the helpers and assistants were friendly and enthusiastic.”

Irish music and dancing too, and also an introduction to Irish history.

 We were very warmly welcomed and well-fed by the housemothers.

 All in all, it was a wonderful and unforgettable experience and strongly recommended. 


- Liz Grousson, EJM English teacher, Achill 2015

“En avril dernier  nous avons emmené 48 enfants de cm1 ( neuf ans) pour quinze jours à Achill.
Nous avions eu d’excellents retours des collègues et enfants qui y avaient séjourné l’année précédente mais n’ imaginions pas de telles aventures.
L’accueil a été très chaleureux  et nous nous sommes immédiatement sentis à l’aise dans nos maisons, avec l’impression de connaître nos hôtes depuis toujours.
Les enfants ont  beaucoup aimé les activités de plein air . Ils ont toujours participé avec enthousiasme  avec une mention spéciale pour le surf et…le circuit dans la boue!
L’encadrement chaleureux et professionnel des animateurs a totalement rassuré les moins téméraires qui se sont surpassés.
Pour ce qui est du culturel, ils se sont montrés très intéressés pendant les visites d’école et ont adoré danser les danses traditionnelles avec les enfants irlandais.
La météo n’a pas toujours été favorable mais ça n’a gêné en aucune manière le programme, l’extrême adaptabilité de l’équipe permettant toujours de trouver une alternative.
En conclusion, une superbe expérience qui nous a laissé de grands souvenirs et que nous sommes impatients de renouveler.”

- Laurence Le Guennec, EJM Teacher, 2015, 2016

“I went on the Bilingual Connection trips to Achill twice, in the springs of 2011 and 2012. As a staff member (I was a Youth Assistant), I remember being blown away by the people I was working with in Achill. Incredibly accomplished and skilled professionals, I immediately felt at ease on the trips. 

Achill Island is a beautiful world where man meets nature in its most raw form. The groups got immediate and wonderful exposure to it, from biking to hiking, surfing to gorge exploring. I remember going on a particularly stunning hike along the ridge of some mountains/hills, and, in the middle of a conversation with a participant, suddenly stopping and appreciating the beauty of what surrounded us. On some of our field trips, we got to explore even more of the Irish landscape, going to natural reserves or even descending into caves. However something that I appreciated even more on these trips was how quickly we were immersed into and accepted by Irish culture. Our host families were warm and affectionate, but we also got to visit local Irish schools, do Irish dances (“ceilis”), hear Irish music, play tin pipes, and much more. 

All in all these trips were a great moment for me to learn about and appreciate a different culture, while getting to explore one of the most incredible landscapes out there, in great company.”

- Peter Wyckoff, 2011, 2012

‘For city children, this experience was wonderful.  Mountain walks, clean fresh air, surfing in the sea, gorge walking with expert teachers.  Achille Island is untouched, unspoilt, very green and beautiful.  The children get a real cultural experience, attending Irish school, learning Irish language, Irish songs, Irish football, Irish flute, history and dance.  There wasn’t a moment to stop – activities all day and in the evening comfortable accommodation with good food in caring, kind family homes.  The children didn’t notice the time pass!’

- Rebecca Vincenzi, English Teacher at EJM Paris, Achill 2014


“Achill Island is great; always adventure popping out of unexpected moments. People are kind and eat (really) delicious food. Sports, cultural activities and friends are for free. Bow and arrows, climbing, hikes, movie night. I specially liked the Cave we went into and the pirate?s castle. Come and you will be surprised”

- Albert Dechaux, 12 years old. 3 Achill Trips.

“Achill Island is absolutely great with Cate! Activities such gorge snorkelling, mud bath, sea canoe, and a big goodbye party are really to great to do when you discover a new country. The people are very kind and welcoming. I really loved and would like to go back once again! ”         

- Rosalie Dechaux, 12 years old. 3 Achill Trips.

“It was a great idea to do the cliff jumping, everybody was scared but it was super fun and exciting! At camp I made a friend that I still see in Paris. Thanks for making me try surfing because I had never done it before and I loved it. We visited Grace O?mally?s castle and went to an amusement park. Thank you to all the staff and the family who hosted me.”

- Johanne Leblanc, 10 years old, 3 Achill Trips

“I had a really good time in Achill.  The teachers were very nice.  We went cliff jumping for the first time.  That was my favourite activity.  We went surfing too and we went in the mud ? it was so funny!”

- Juliette GRISON, 11 years old, 2 Achill trips

“I loved Achill.  I had fun, I made friends and I practiced my English.  I liked some of the activities like surfing, cliff jumping, playing the tin whistle and I enjoyed the bog snorkeling.”

- Clara GRISON, 13 years old, 2 Achill trips

“Achill Island is a wonderful place to spend vacation, the people who welcome us are very nice and cheerful. The school staff are very kind, the activities are diverse and cool. Some activities are just awesome and unique. My favourite activity is the Bog ; jumping in the mud !!! very rare and great fun.”


- Titouan Le Roux, 14 years old, 2 Achill trips

“I like Achill Island because the food is good and the activities are fun specially the bath in the mud. It was my second trip there and I hope I’ll do cliff jumping ans gorge walking next year !”


- Arthur Carrion, 10 years old, 2 Achill trips