Terms and Conditions

Both the student and parents agree to be bound by the rules (as listed below) and the Terms and Conditions of this agreement:


Registration and Payment:

Inquiries can be made by phone or email however they do not constitute a booking.  Bookings must be made through the online system.  Camp places will be held for customers who pay the non-refundable deposit with the balance of the fees due by the agreed date.  Camp places will be held for 10 days for those paying by bank transfer.  Please mention child’s surname on the transfer.  Email confirmation for all bookings will be sent as soon as payment is received.  The price of camp may vary from year to year but will not change once a deposit has been made.  Price quoted does not include flights.



Cancellations must be made in writing to the company.  All deposits are non refundable.  If more than the deposit has been made at the time of cancellation the following charges will apply:

  • 15-30 days before camp starts = 100% of fees
  • 31 – 60 days before = 50% of fees
  • 60+ days, deposit only.
  • Fees are transferable to another member of the same family however the charges incurred for name changes on flights are payable by the family
  • No refund shall be given to any student sent home from camp for breaking the rules




All students must book their own travel insurance to cover the cost of the trip should they cancel, and also to cover any claims that may arise due to accident, illness, loss of baggage, personal effects or money.  If you wish the company to book your flights for you, please check your insurance will still be valid.


Travel documentation and Medical issues:

You will receive information materials 6-8 weeks before travelling. These will include details about the Centre in Achill, host family, proposed schedule and detailed packing list.

Parents/Guardians are the first point of contact in an emergency medical situation.  Parents should also note a secondary person if parent/guardian is unreachable.  For minor issues students will be brought to local GP and treated and parents will be informed immediately.  The same procedure applies should a student need urgent hospitalization.  Relevant medical history should be noted on the registration form.


Planning and Activities:

It is the intention of the company that the students will participate in as many of the sports and cultural activities listed on our website however we reserve the right to change the planning based on weather conditions and with the safety of students in mind.


Pocket money/Valuables/Mobiles:

Students are asked to bring a limited amount of pocket money (30-50 euros) as they will have one opportunity during the trip to purchase a souvenir.  This  money will be their own responsibility.  Students are not allowed to bring any devices such as tablets, laptops and there will be no wifi access in the accommodation or at the centre.  Mobile phones are not allowed for primary or college students.  They are allowed for a limited period in the evenings for Lycee students and will be kept in the house during the day.  Any abuse of this rule will result in the phone being confiscated until the students departure.


Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs:

Possession or use of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs of any kind is not permitted and will result in dismissal and students will be sent home.  The company will organise travel arrangements however parents will be responsible for any additional costs involved.




For the benefit of all students and staff a respectful attitude and courtesy towards others is required at all times on the course.  Abusive language or threatening behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. A list of general rules can be seen below.  The company recognises bullying as a form of violence and it will not be tolerated at camp, any incidents will be dealt with promptly and parents informed.


Media permission:

The company reserves the right to use all photography, sound and film material that has been created by its staff with the students during the course for publicity and advertising.


General House/Centre Rules:


  • If a student is found speaking French continually at the beginning of camp, an email will be sent informing the parents
  • If this occurs a second time, parents are informed over the phone
  • A third incident may result in dismissal from camp
  • Outside of activities students must remain on the grounds of their allocated house under the house parent’s supervision
  • The menu is the same in each house and meals are pre-decided
  • Swimming is only allowed under the supervision of centre staff
  • Aerosols are not permitted and will be confiscated
  • Any breakages in the house are payable by the students involved.
  • Students are expected to respect and obey all staff, including house parents.